Answer me this…


Do you struggle to feel like you have permission to prioritize your needs, emotions, or care?

Do you feel like self-care is selfish and not a necessity?

Do you feel like self-care is only for the privileged or those with extra time and money?

I would like to dispel those beliefs and then some during my 4 day From Basic to Badass Self-Care Challenge.

This challenge is designed for women or gender expansive folks that struggle with all things self-care or would just like to do a better job with self-care.



Here’s why I care about self-care so much…

Self care is more than pedicures, facials, and weekend getaways. It encompasses the whole person- mind, body, and spirit. I use the wellness wheel to make sure I am taking care of all facets of my being.

Self-care is a focus of what I do and have done for years.



It’s been quite a journey though.


I went from hating the concept of self-care (the words were actually triggering) in response to a toxic boss and work environment to embracing it as the key to healing myself.

To where I am today- not only still actively healing myself and doing my daily work, but also using self-care as a tool to help other women and gender expansive folks heal and connect back to themselves.

I believe that self care is a birthright, not a privilege, and an absolute necessity in regards to building a healthier world for all.


So everyone should have access to it regardless race, gender, class, etc.

I learned the hard way to make it a priority in my life. And now I would like to help you prioritize your self-care like a Badass.


Please join me in this Challenge!

This 4 Day Challenge is perfect for anyone:


*That wants to learn why Self-Care is a Necessity and not just a privilege for those with money and time


*That would like to learn about whole person self-care


*That wants to improve their overall personal wellness


*That is burnt out, overwhelmed, frustrated, etc. and doesn’t know what to do to start feeling better


The Challenge Includes:

*A daily email sent July 11th-14th with a short video and corresponding “homework” for the daily challenge

*A live Zoom call on July 14th to ask questions, receive live coaching, and experience some EFT magic

*Daily prize drawings for those who complete the day’s challenge and post by 11:59pm PDT

*A grand prize drawing for anyone that completes all the daily challenges by close of challenge (7/18/22)

*A private Facebook Group that will be live during the challenge

Cost is $20! That’s $5/day.


Why not free? Because I want you to take investing in yourself seriously!


Let’s get you going towards being a Badass at self-care!