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Value Yourself Counseling

Amanda Ferrat

Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner, Emotional Wellness Counselor, and International Speaker


Amanda is fabulous! I had such a profound experience with her on just the first session. She really puts her heart into her work to ensure you feel understood and safely guided. She certainly has a beautiful gift. I am forever grateful!

Courtney H.

Welcome! My name is Amanda Ferrat, I am the Badass of Compassionate Spaces. I help women make peace with their past, fall in love with their present, and get excited about their future (keep scrolling for more about what this means). In my practice, I use a combination of advanced EFT tapping techniques and counseling tools that I have gathered over my professional lifetime as well as in my own healing journey. I also love to spread my passion and knowledge as a speaker!

Amanda Ferrat

Advanced EFT Tapping

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is often referred to as tapping. As a practitioner, I focus on reworking trauma (specifically inherited, generational, or emotional trauma), parts of self work(including inner child and shadow work), reframing and moving through difficult emotions, and reprogramming limiting thought patterns and old beliefs that restrict you from being your Badass self.

Emotional Wellness Counseling

As a certified wellness counselor, I focus on helping clients with emotional intelligence, grief, and whole person self-care. I use client directed counseling approaches to meet clients where they are in their life and guide them in achieving their goals. These services are for someone that does not want EFT tapping yet wants support around their emotional wellness or self-care planning.

Professional Speaking

I am an international, professional speaker that had been limited to online platforms as I started my speaking career. I am ready to bring my voice to in person events as well as continue online or recorded opportunities to spread my story and message. I have a lot of wisdom and value to bring to your event or audience. Let’s chat about having me speak at your event, on your podcast, or in your community.


Hello! I am so glad you are here! Let’s get to know each other a bit. 

My education and professional background is in the mental health and wellness field and social services. I received my undergraduate degree in Family Science from Montana State University and later pursued a Master of Social Work temporarily. My path changed when I needed to attend to my own needs after facing a great number of losses in a short span of time while in school. Although my healing journey has not been easy, I have learned a lot about myself and what it takes to truly heal and grow into the best version of Self. I now pay that forward by using my education, experience, skills, and passion to help other women heal from loss and grief, and go from being emotionally and mentally reactive and out of control to taking back the driver’s seat of their lives. I identify as a fat, disabled woman with chronic and mental illness and strive to be an ally, advocate, and accomplice, working to create a world more accessible, just, equitable, and compassionate for all. I believe women in particular have to navigate difficult obsticals and barriers in their lives and deserve to be healed and empowered in order to be the badass they are meant to be.

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